So I started a blog…

So I started a blog… Just one of the other 2 billion people who wanted to publish their thoughts, interests, and ideas online. To be honest, I never really liked the idea of having my own blog. I already have enough responsibilities. However, I do enjoy reading blogs and appreciate learning from different pastors and leaders. One other motivator was the fact that almost every pastor I know has a blog. It must come with the job. Unless you’re an Amish pastor?  Anyways, my goal is to keep it simple. I don’t have a lot of amazing insights up my sleeve or trendy rhetoric. I’m envisioning maybe 2-3 posts a week and the ideas I have so far are:

  1. Weekly Quote – I love quotes and enjoy reading tweets and blogs with helpful quotes.
  2. Weekly Verse – This is also a short and easy way to encourage readers and remind them of God’s truth.
  3. Weekly Word/Idea – Maybe at the end of each week, I’ll take a word or idea that I’ve been reflecting on and expound upon it.
  4. Monthly Top 5 – Maybe top five tech sites, top five restaurants, top 5 books I’ve read, etc.

If you want to subscribe, go for it. If not, I respect your prerogative.  Enjoy your week!

A new blogger,

Luke Skeen


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